NewKey Company provides a broad spectrum of real estate related services for all types of properties: residential, commercial property
or vacant land. Successful agents are masters at being visible when needed and available when called upon.


Our in-depth approach and knowledge of selected market help us to be effective and provide long-term success to both parties.
We charge a commission only in case of concluded transactions. We offer:

  • Professional photography and video material preparation
  • Inspiring Real estate brochure creation including all the related documentation
  • Marketing and promotion using our network channels
  • Potential buyer careful selection
  • Highly qualified property presentation during meetings and visits
  • Reservation contract/Preliminary contract preparation, documentation gathering and final preparation for signing purchasing and sales agreement 
  • Assistance during the process of ownership transfer
  • Intermediation service provider and advice during the transaction preparation period. 



Flat rate fee will be calculated for the following services:

  • Professional photo and/or video material preparation
  • Documentation preparation
  • Object presentation to potential tenants/necessary property research
  • Potential tenant careful selection taking into consideration real estate low in Switzerland
  • Tenant’s creditworthiness check/reference gathering
  • Rental agreement preparation in accordance with tenancy law in Switzerland
  • Intermediation service provider and advice during the transaction preparation period